All of the images below are photographs of actual living projections, captured in-camera without manipulation in Photoshop.  

Boston #StandsWithImmigrants seeks to make evident — in a visually arresting, yet human way — that immigrants and refugees are integral to the fabric of our society. And that ‘they’ are in fact ‘us.’ To do this, we are projecting portraits of local immigrants and refugees onto Boston’s urban landscape – towering, three-story projections of Yo-Yo Ma and David Ortiz, police officers and farmers, inhabiting the city’s buildings, bridges and trees.

The projections are both interactive (people happen upon them, which invites speculation, reflection, curiosity, and in-the-moment conversation), and enduring (photos of the projections will live on as a stand-alone body of work.)

We believe creativity can give elegant, human and delightful answers to the most complex problems in the world. This project is so effective because it cuts through the noise of our everyday existence. It’s unexpected, mysterious and beautiful. It provides a dignified answer to hate-filled rhetoric.  It confronts us without being confrontational and touches people at a time when we’re hungry for reassurance.

Nano Raies, Syria

Student | Berklee College of Music

Semyon Dukach, Russia

Angel Investor | OneWay Ventures

Wilfred Mbah, Cameroon

Alderman-at-Large | City of Somerville

Dr. Pardis Sabeti, Iran

Computational biologist | Broad Institute

Mohamad Ali, Guyana

CEO | Carbonite

ThiThi Aye, Burma

Garment Industry Supervisor | Brooks Brothers

David Ortiz, Dominican Republic

Retired Red Sox Slugger and First Baseman

Daniel Bojorquez

Chef and Co-owner | La Brasa

 Thaer Abdallah | Iraq

Artist, Human Rights Activist

Haseeb Hosein, Trinidad

Boston Police captain | B-3 District of Mattapan/Roxbury

Linda Dorcena Forry, Haitian

Vice President of Diversity, Suffolk Construction and former Massachusetts State Senator representing 1st Suffolk District

Eva Millona, Albania

Executive Director | Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition

David Leonard, Ireland

President | Boston Public Library

Jirayut "New" Latthivongskorn, Thailand

"Dreamer" and Medical School Student | Harvard School of Public Health

U-Meleni Mhlaba-Adebo, Zimbabwe

Artist, Performer, Educator