#StandsWithImmigrants on the PBS NewsHour! And a Tech Test

Last Tuesday we beta tested some exciting new mobile phone technology to deliver our subjects' audio story to audiences at upcoming installation sites. If you want to try it for yourself, just open the "camera" app in your iPhone and hold it up to this QR code    


...and follow the prompt to learn more about one of our future subjects, Mohamad Ali, CEO of Carbonite. 

Here is a quick iPhone photo of how the codes will be used in a projection.


During the test projection, PBS Newshour came out and filmed a segment for an upcoming story.  Here they are interviewing one of our subjects, Jennis, who appears in the original photo at the State House.  


Thanks to some back channel donations to the project we're nearly 80% funded!  With one more week to go, we hope to harness all the sharing power you can generate by pushing this project to people who care.  

Thanks for being a huge part!