We're on the PBS Newshour!


This just in...
The PBS Newshour joined Boston #StandsWithImmigrants on a projection back in December and produced a story which is airing this Saturday, February 24th! In Boston that is WGBX at 5pm. Check your local listing for the PBS affiliate and times.
In other fantastic news: 

  • Our long-awaited projector will arrive on TUESDAY(!) and we'll be lighting up the night again with a fresh round of 10 amazing faces (including Yo-Yo Ma).
  • We have two projection dates in this year's Art Week lineup.
  • And we're in the final stages of planning our opening reception at the Kennedy Institute where our project will live in April and May.  Much more to come on this, including the amazing story-telling programming in the works. 

We hope you'll tune in to PBS Saturday night and follow along on the Facebook thing for all the new projections.
Love to you all!