We now have a projector!


A year has now past since the first immigration travel bans.  And at times it still feels like we’re drowning in a fire hose of dim news about DACA, border walls and TPS rollbacks. But Lo!  Some good news!  Thanks to YOUR support, Boston #StandsWithImmigrants now has a projector!  Just in time for Supreme Court arguments on Trump’s travel bans we will be lighting up the streets of Boston again and pushing back against the administration’s message of intolerance. I started this project because I know our country is more compassionate and inclusive than our President. Your enthusiasm and partnership bears that out. Thank you.

Thank you also for all the fantastic subject nominations! It was enlivening to see even more examples of immigrants and refugees who are giving back to this community. It was a hard choice but based on our project goals we have chosen to include Will Mbah, an immigrant from Cameroon who lives in Somerville. As a newly-elected Alderman, he is fighting passionately to make the city a more affordable to live and improve access to healthcare. Check out his story here: http://www.willmbah.com - Thank you Steve Legare for the nomination!

In the coming months we’re focused on projecting our next 10 subjects, designing a month of pop-up projections around town and rolling out a gallery of our images and programming at the Kennedy Institute.  The months of April and May will be busy! We’re also developing ways to translate all the interest #Stands generates into attention and support for our roster of partner organizations MIRAIIICJVSIINE all of whom are doing amazing work for immigrants and refugees in the greater Boston area.  Please check them out.

Much more to come. Thank you!